April 26th 2020 update

 We have onsite and ready for shipment or pickup, Surgical masks, KN95, Glasses and 1 Gallon containers of Hand Sanitizer. 

American Safety Programs and Training Inc. (ASP&T) is in contact with a distributor that has made us an exclusive offer to pre-order and purchase PPE equipment and supplies that other companies have not been able to acquire.

                ASP&T is pleased to assist anyone interested in the equipment and to that end, we’ll be accepting pre-orders this week.  ASP&T will place your orders now and have the equipment available at our location by the end of next week.  

                  As you know this equipment is very difficult to acquire and when they arrive at a supplier’s location they go out of stock very quickly.  I want to be transparent about this, ASP&T is not the supplier, but ASP&T will be happy to place your order at the same time we place our order and have them shipped to my location for you to pick up when they arrive.

 Al Peterson