If you are interested in free CNA training and Job placement, this is for you. We are partnered with several long term care facilities in Rhode Island and can setup interviews and place you in a job and give you FREE CNA training.


You will be wait listed and contacted via email when your spot is open. Please pay attention to your email you’ll have 72 hours to respond and accept your position in the class. Do not forget to check your spam folder frequently. You will not be receiving a confirmation email after you submit this form and will not receive any other emails from American safety until you are accepted into the class. If you reapply for this schooling it will reset your spot on the waitlist placing you at the bottom again. Please only submit one application.

  • Classes are Monday – Tuesday – Wednesday – Thursday 
  • Evening classes available 6pm to 10pm
  • Day classes available from 9am to 1pm

This is an 8 week program.  At the end of the program you will start your career with your new facility that hired you during your schooling!

These spots are limited and going fast. Get free school and a GREAT JOB with good pay and benefits! Start your career TODAY!

Click on a facility below to learn more about them!

Our Partners include

If you are interested in employment with one of these facilities and FREE CNA training, select the facility in the drop down and our Program Director will get back to you.


Space is limited, fill out the form below! 


All of your tuition, books, 2 sets of scrubs, stethoscope, blood pressure cuff, food (lunch of dinner depending on class) and shoes are covered by the Real Jobs Rhode Island program that is patterned with American Safety Programs and Training INC. Employment is not necessary to be accepted but it is encouraged.   


Please choose either Day or Evening Class